I Used to Absolutely HATE Mondays

I knew exactly what the week ahead would bring...More stress and less time to just be....

It started on Sunday nights...The sun going down was a physical reminder that my freedom was fading. I felt trapped. I wished that I could reach up and hold the sky in place...just a little more time with my family; just a little more time to sleep; just a little more time watch the Lions lose that game of football; a little more time to read.... ANXIETY!........I knew I had to do something...SOMETHING needed to change. That's when I decided to take my Mondays back. I gave myself something to look forward to at the start of every week, and the permission to do and be more.

Take Back Your Monday!

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"The Only Person You Are Destined To Become Is The Person You Decide to BE" -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Yesterday doesn't define you. Everyday is another chance to begin again. Let's do it together! We Ride on Monday...and everyday after that.